Princess Chukwuocha
1 min read
27 Mar

From artist perspective, the song “been a project” shows how he turned his life struggles and problems to greatness and fulfillments. He goes ahead to show that in the music video, he also shows the realness of his everyday day life.

In the music video, he sits on a table while talking and expressing his feelings while the video shows that in different angles. A single position but in different angles, which depicted in life, shows how we grow and learn in different angles and part of our lives in one body and mind.

People tend to say, a change of location can lead to new answers and keys, but in the music video sockets shows us that if you indeed want to get answers, ideas, keys whatever it is you’re looking for, you can do that in one position and location. You can get what you want if you’re determined and goal-driven.

You don’t necessarily need to move to a new country, new state or a new apartment, you can be where you are and make changes, do and get exactly what you want and need.

In summary, the music video is an inspirational and teaching piece to those you are stalling with the excuse of right location angle or place. That determination and goal is all you need to find the key.

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