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05 Jul

In a significant move that underscores its commitment to nurturing fresh talent, Socket Entertainment has officially signed the multi-talented artist Khally Vincent. Known for his innovative sound and compelling lyrics, Khally Vincent joins Socket Entertainment's dynamic roster, promising exciting new projects and a bright future.

The Announcement

The official announcement was made at a press conference held at Socket Entertainment's headquarters. Chidalu Fortune Tony, CEO of Socket Entertainment, expressed immense enthusiasm about the signing, stating, "Khally Vincent's creativity and passion for music align perfectly with our vision at Socket Entertainment. We are thrilled to welcome him to our family and look forward to supporting his journey to new heights."

About Khally Vincent

Khally vincent is a Nigerian fast rising super talented, singer and song writer who emerged in 2024 with a dynamic Afro-beat sound titled *wistful thoughts* which was released on 5th of January 2024. the single draws from pop, R&B, hip-hop, and highlife.
he was Born in the eastern city of Imo’s state, he is from Ezinihite Mbaise L.G.A . he lived and grew up in Owerri ( imo state).

The Contract

The multi-year contract includes a commitment from Khally Vincent to deliver several albums and singles per year. In return, Socket Entertainment will provide substantial financial support, marketing, and promotional efforts to elevate Khally Vincent's career. The deal also includes provisions for collaborative projects, live performances, and exclusive merchandising opportunities.

Khally Vincent's Vision

Speaking at the press conference, Khally Vincent shared his excitement about the partnership. "Signing with Socket Entertainment is a monumental step in my career. Their dedication to artistic freedom and innovation is exactly what I need to bring my music to the next level. I can't wait to share what we've been working on with the world."

Recent Release

Adding to the excitement, Khally Vincent has just released his debut single titled "For You," featuring JÆMINI. The track has already started gaining traction, showcasing Khally Vincent's lyrical prowess and distinctive style. "For You" is a testament to Khally Vincent's potential and sets the stage for his upcoming projects under Socket Entertainment.

Industry Impact

The signing of Khally Vincent is seen as a strategic move by Socket Entertainment to bolster its position in the competitive music industry. By investing in emerging talent, the label aims to diversify its portfolio and appeal to a broader audience. Industry experts predict that Khally Vincent's unique sound and innovative approach will make a significant impact in the music scene.

About Socket Entertainment

Socket Entertainment has quickly established itself as a leading record label known for its innovative approach and dedication to artist development. With a diverse roster of talented artists, We will continue pushing the boundaries of music and redefine the industry landscape.

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