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HISENSE, the latest hip-hop/rap album by Socket, is a bold and captivating musical journey that shows a total different version of Socket. with raw talent and creativity. 


  • Intro
  • Hisense
  • What o’clock
  • Pimpin'
  • Mugshot
  • Honestly
  • Outro

Socket delivers a diverse and engaging collection of songs that leave a lasting impact on listeners. The album was officially released on the 24th, May 2024. And comes in different version for listeners all over the world. This versions includes the Explicit, Non-Explicit, etc.

Track Reviews

Intro: Socket presents a unique blend of introspective lyricism and playful wordplay. The song kicks off with a catchy beat and Socket's confident delivery, immediately drawing listeners in. The opening lines set the tone for self-reflection, as Socket navigates themes of isolation and self-awareness.

The chorus, with its repetition of "Gracias," adds a layer of gratitude amidst the introspection. It's a thoughtful touch that contrasts well with the verses' deeper exploration of the self and one's place in the world.

Socket's verses delve into self-justification and self-definition, exploring the complexities of identity and perception. The wordplay is clever and thought-provoking, with lines like "I justified your mesmerized" showcasing Socket's lyrical prowess.

The outro brings a playful yet thought-provoking conclusion to the song, with Socket questioning the passage of time and the meaning of the present moment. It adds a touch of existentialism to the track, rounding out the introspective themes explored throughout.

Overall, "Intro" by Socket is a captivating track that balances introspection with playful wordplay. Socket's confident delivery and thought-provoking lyricism make it a standout in the Nigerian rap scene.

Hisense: is a powerful exploration of life's complexities, societal pressures, and personal beliefs. The song begins with a reflection on the struggles of life, contrasting the ease some may experience with the challenges faced by others. Socket acknowledges the luck and privilege that may contribute to success, while also recognizing the determination and sacrifices made by individuals striving for their goals.

The lyrics delve into themes of ambition, morality, and spirituality. Socket grapples with the idea of deserving success and the sacrifices some are willing to make to achieve it, juxtaposing the pursuit of wealth with the importance of personal integrity and faith.

Throughout the song, Socket demonstrates a deep sense of self-awareness and moral introspection. There's a candid acknowledgment of past mistakes and a commitment to personal growth and righteousness, despite the challenges and temptations encountered in life.

The call for societal change and a "thorough refreshment" reflects a desire for a more equitable and just world, where systems are reset and opportunities are more evenly distributed. Socket's suggestion of a return to spiritual teachings as a guide for personal and societal renewal adds a poignant layer to the song's message.

Overall, "Hisense" is a thought-provoking and introspective track that tackles complex themes with honesty and depth. Socket's lyrical delivery and reflective tone make it a standout the rap game.

What O'Clock: is a raw and intense track that delves into themes of identity, confrontation, and personal boundaries. The song opens with a sense of urgency and defiance, as Socket asserts his presence and warns against underestimating him. The lyrics depict a persona that is unapologetically assertive, refusing to back down in the face of conflict or intimidation.

Throughout the verses, Socket's wordplay and imagery create a vivid picture of confrontation and power dynamics. There's a palpable tension as Socket navigates through encounters with adversaries, displaying a mixture of bravado and vulnerability. The repetition of the phrase "Pull up on me come with your gun" reinforces Socket's readiness to confront any challenge head-on, while also highlighting the seriousness of the situation.

The outro reinforces the song's central message, emphasizing Socket's unwavering commitment to his principles and the consequences for those who dare to challenge him. The repetition of the phrase "This is one rule I don't play with" serves as a powerful mantra, underscoring Socket's resolve and determination.

Lastly, "WhatO'Clock" is a gripping and intense track that showcases Socket's lyrical prowess and commanding presence. With its bold lyrics and hypnotic beat, the song leaves a lasting impression and solidifies Socket's place in the rap scene.

Pimpin': by Socket delivers a raw and unfiltered narrative, delving into the complexities of life, resilience, and self-awareness. From the opening lines, Socket establishes a sense of identity and confidence, declaring his presence in a world filled with chaos and uncertainty.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of Socket's hustle and determination, as he navigates through challenges and confrontations with unwavering resolve. Socket's candid portrayal of betrayal and confrontation adds depth to the song, highlighting the harsh realities of loyalty and trust in a world where everyone seems to have ulterior motives.

The chorus serves as a powerful refrain, with Socket proclaiming his refusal to back down or express regret for his actions. The repetition of "No I don't regret" underscores Socket's commitment to his decisions and his unwillingness to be swayed by external influences.

Throughout the verses, Socket's use of imagery and wordplay creates a palpable tension, as he grapples with themes of morality and redemption. Socket's invocation of prayer adds a layer of depth to the song, showcasing his inner struggle between right and wrong, and his desire for forgiveness and redemption.

The outro brings a sense of reflection and introspection, as Socket implores listeners to learn from their mistakes and avoid becoming cautionary tales for others. Socket's blunt delivery and raw emotion make "Pimpin'" a compelling and thought-provoking track that resonates long after the music stops.

Mugshot: is a masterpiece that intertwines reflection and advice in a unique way. The track "Mugshot" serve as mirrors to our inner selves, prompting us to reflect on our experiences and emotions. Through thoughtful lyrics and soulful melodies, like a musical mentor leading the way.

When it comes to the new release, Mugshot on the album HISENSE, corners three different patterns with same dispensation and each lyrics having its own story. With the first verse showing reflection and remembrance and how things should be left behind with the hope of “Better things unfolding”. 

Onto the second verse, the beat and the lyrics tense up with emotions like anger and agitation which sets out warnings in the conversational verse, warning likes "please don’t play me that’s risky" or "I won’t spare him, if he cross my parts his mistake".

Still on the second verse the artist dives in more to let the listener, understand what brought up the agitation and anger with personal experiences from his younger years, which lessons where learned from and how some things can’t be avoided in life.

With third verse wheeling in, the artist becomes more of an adviser with the lyrics he tells his listener to “face it”, “solve it”, “do it”, “make it”, “don’t be lazy“ with rhythmic flows. The artist also goes on to let’s his listeners understand that if you must do something, it has to come with benefit. “what’s the use, thugin yet you got no funds”.

Finally Socket lyrics on Mugshot tells his listeners to believe in themselves.

Honestly: The song features Socket and Nigo, blending elements of rap with a contemporary vibe. The track explores themes of honesty, pride, and personal growth, with both artists contributing their unique styles.

The lyrics delve into themes of honesty, personal struggle, and the interplay between pride and ego. The song begins with a casual and almost conversational tone, setting a relaxed atmosphere. The first verse reflects on the challenges of staying motivated and the internal battle with pride and ego. The chorus reinforces the idea of needing to prove oneself and confront the truth, while the second verse continues the introspective journey, touching on themes of financial stress and the desire for a second chance.

This production by Socket Entertainment features a steady beat with a trumpet section in the bridge, adding a lively and unique element to the track. The beat complements the laid-back yet introspective nature of the lyrics, creating a balanced soundscape that supports the message of the song.

Socket's delivery is straightforward and conversational, which fits well with the honest and introspective nature of the lyrics. Nigo's contributions add a complementary dynamic, and their styles blend seamlessly. The repeated "Honestly" in the pre-chorus emphasizes the core theme and adds a rhythmic chant that is memorable.

The song's honest and introspective lyrics, combined with its unique production elements, make it a compelling listen. The conversational delivery adds authenticity, and the trumpet section in the bridge provides a refreshing musical break. The themes of pride, ego, and honesty are relatable and thought-provoking, making the song resonate on a deeper level.

Outro: by Socket is a reflective and introspective track that delves deep into themes of faith, personal struggle, and redemption. The song opens with a solemn and reverent tone, invoking religious imagery and prayers, which sets the stage for the personal confessions that follow.

Socket's verses are raw and honest, admitting to personal failings and a struggle to live up to spiritual expectations. Lines like "I'm not a saint / Neither do I observe the sabbath day" convey a relatable struggle with religious adherence, while the repeated requests for strength and love from God highlight a deep desire for spiritual support.

The verse also touches on themes of redemption and divine protection: "But still I'm covered by your blood / This I call true love." This juxtaposition of human imperfection and divine grace is a powerful narrative that resonates with many listeners who grapple with their own imperfections.

Socket's delivery is heartfelt, with a cadence that feels both conversational and confessional. The flow is smooth, and the emotional weight of the lyrics is evident in the delivery. The repetition of phrases like "Oh lord" and "Please lord" adds a pleading, earnest tone that enhances the emotional impact of the song.

While the lyrics are central to the song, the production complements the introspective nature of the track. The instrumentation is likely minimal, allowing Socket's words to take center stage. This choice in production ensures that the listener's focus remains on the lyrical content and the emotions conveyed.

Finally "Outro" by Socket is a powerful and personal track that showcases the artist's vulnerability and spiritual yearning. It's a song that many can relate to, particularly those who navigate the complexities of faith and personal growth. Socket's honest lyrics and heartfelt delivery make "Outro" a standout track that leaves a lasting impression on its listeners.


With each song produced by himself also each beat on every track was created by Socket and knowing this can convince a lot of people how talented and gifted Socket can be.


This article alone can’t perceive all the great words and art in Socket Latest Album HISENSE, So Y'all should dive into the world of "HISENSE," embrace the reflection, and absorb the wisdom and advice woven into each note.

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