Princess Chukwuocha
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02 Mar

I Wish For A Child is officially release! This album by Nigerian rapper Socket, released on March 1, 2024  features two tracks, "Been a Project" and the title track "I Wish For A Child". Produced by Socket Entertainment, I wish for a child album was highly anticipated by listeners. Originally was scheduled for release on February 15th, but was postponed for Socket personnel reasons.

I wish for a child album cover

Track list

  • Been a project: Been a project: In Socket words “Using this song to appreciate God for my life so far, and also appreciate my dad for the guidance he gave me while growing”. This song also talks about how Socket converted his hard days and problems into a solution. Made a key of success from his hard times. Also at advices listeners to find a way to convert there problem or hard times to a key to wha they need.
  • I wish for a child: Speaking about the inspiration behind “I Wish for a Child,” Socket shares, “Its like a map, you know a guiding sound for the future. Through this track, I hope that listeners will connect with the sincerity and vulnerability of the track.” This song boasts a rich sonic landscape that perfectly complements Socket’s emotive delivery. From the infectious melodies to the heartfelt lyrics, every element of the song has been meticulously crafted to leave a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.

Published by Socket Entertainment, founded by Socket himself, is known for producing quality music that and quotes unforgettable lyrics. With the release of I Wish For A Child, Socket Entertainment has once again proven their ability to deliver top-notch music.


I Wish For A Child is a powerful and well-crafted album that showcases Socket's talent as a rapper and songwriter. With its track having its own story meaningful lyrics, this album is sure to captivate audiences and solidify Socket's place as a rising star in the Nigerian music industry.

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